How to talk about doubts

It can be tricky talking to a young person who is having doubts, but The Prince’s Trust is here to help.

How to talk about doubts

Well-being is important, but looking out for someone else’s well-being isn’t always easy. That’s why, The Prince's Trust have pulled together a guide to enable conversations to feel more open and comfortable, to allow people to share, overcome barriers and move forward.

1. Create opportunities

Create opportunities to speak to your friends or loved ones about their doubts.

2. Make space for the conversation

Make space for the conversation. Take the time, listen and be present.

3. Be prepared

Be prepared to discuss how they can overcome their doubts and improve their situation.

4. Build a rapport

Mirror their poses, reflect back what you’re hearing, encourage and pause when speaking to a young person about their doubts and how they want to grow.

5. Ask questions

Ask questions that offer the young person the opportunity to find ways to grow their skills, enhance their value and reach their professional goals.

6. Help the young person

Help the young person realise what their barriers may be and how they can overcome them.

For more on the above and detailed support information check out The Trust's handy guide below.

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How to deal with your doubts

If you’re experiencing doubts at the moment, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. We all have doubts, but they shouldn’t hold you back.

The Prince’s Trust is here to support you. Call or start a live chat with a member of their team to find out how we can help you to start something. The Trust's free courses run all-year round and can help you develop the skills and confidence you need to succeed. Or, if you want to take your time, why not check out The Trust's online tools and resources? The Trust's website is packed with tips and ideas to discover your skills and strengths, switch on a positive mindset and much more. Try on your own or with a friend or family member.

You’ve got this – and The Prince’s Trust has got your back.

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