3 ways to give a doubt

Help young people by sharing a story of a doubt you have with them.

1 Share a doubt

Look at the doubts that celebrities and young people have shared - and post one on your social platform.

See the doubts

2 Write your own

Write and share a past doubt that you have overcome or a current doubt you are facing. Use the hashtag #GiveADoubt.

3 Talk to someone in person

Conversations are powerful, talk to a young person you know about a doubt that you have and how you are overcoming it.

Get some advice
Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust can provide life-changing support and opportunities that give young people hope for the future.

The Trust exists to support young people aged 11-30 to move into work, education or training. The programmes offered by the charity are designed to help young people move forward with their lives, no matter what their background and regardless of any challenges they may be facing.

The Trust helps young people at risk of exclusion to stay in school and continue to learn; they develop the confidence and motivation of unemployed young people to turn their lives around; and they support young people to develop their skills to find work or start their own business.

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