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Young people are so affected by doubt, 2.8m have lost hope for the future. But there’s something very simple we can all do to help. By giving a doubt of our own, we can help young people overcome theirs.

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Support Young People | Cadbury Give a Doubt

What is The Give A Doubt Campaign?

Cadbury and The Prince’s Trust want you to Give A Doubt, and help a young person you know overcome theirs. It might sound insignificant, but to a young person it could be life-changing. Just one small act of generosity can help them believe in themselves again.

When young people realise that doubts needn't hold us back, it can restore hope in their future.

Doubts are normal

we all have them

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See more stories

Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust believes that every young person should have the chance to succeed, no matter what their background or the challenges they are facing. The Trust helps young people from disadvantaged communities and those facing the greatest adversity to build the confidence and skills to live, learn and earn.

The Trust offers free courses to help 11-30 year olds develop essential life skills, get ready for work and access job opportunities. The Trust supports them to find work because having a job or running a business can lead to a more stable, fulfilling life.

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